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Backed by 15+ years of experience, I can help you expand your reach and grow your authority all while finding a balance. I offer social media management, content creation, video production, strategic practices and coaching.

Need content? Need help with video? Need new branding? I’ve got you! 

You have a unique gift!

Let me help you share it with the world!


Here I will share a new blog post with advice, lessons, and/or practical steps.

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You have a unique creative gift.
Let me help you share it with the world!

Through a series of clear, actionable steps, I will help you gain clarity and confidence while creating authenticity around what makes you stand out.

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"I have known and worked with Lindsay since live-streaming became a thing in 2007 with Justin TV and the dawn of Youtube launching a career for her with the company; She was one of the first YouTube partners. I witnessed her deliver viral content on multiple platforms, always evolving with the technology and trends. She knows strategy, creative content development, and gear.

"Lindsay makes things so easy!

She has helped me to understand how I can use video editing software to be more engaging with my audience. Her knowledge is vast when it comes to multimedia, equipment, software, and design. She stays current with the latest development and platforms.

She knows her stuff!"

Lindsay Barrasse is one of those people with the perfect blend of artistic imagination and technical know how. I have worked with her on a few things over the years. She is a visionary. She is creative. She is savvy. She is kind. She’s the real deal. 


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