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Disconnect To Reconnect – The Importance of Taking A Break

Working tirelessly for months and not having a single day off can eventually affect your health and productivity as well. Not only that, the past year + has been emotionally draining on top of things.

Recently, my husband and I took a few days to ourselves and headed to the beach. It was an easy direct flight, we took all COVID safety precautions, we cooked majority of our meals adding to our budget friendly trip, and made sure to relax. ... and relax we did. I watched the sunrise daily followed by a light yoga practice and breath work, but most importantly I did absolutely NO work. So, what is my point....

On days where you have a lot to complete from your to-do list, it becomes easy to convince yourself not to have breaks. Although, many researches have documented the importance of taking a break. Micro-breaks, Macro-breaks, lunch breaks – they all have a significant impact on our lives especially on the quality of the work we deliver.

Chronic stress can take the toll when you continuously put yourself in the hassles of meeting deadlines, making important and crucial decisions, or maintaining the complex situations when balancing work and life is all your concerns.

Clearly, having stress is not something that you should be habitual of. Vacations and breaks in these situations have the potential to break this cycle. Later in the article, you will find out the successful ways of having 'vacations' that will prepare you to take on the world again and rejuvenate your esteem to enhance your productivity.


Why Vacation Is Important – 5 Reasons You Should Start Planning One

A vacation does not mean having to hop on a plane and go running off to some destination island in the tropics. Yes, that sounds wonderful! ... but a vacation could mean taking the day and going to your local state park. So let's clear up what a VACATION is... or HOLIDAY if you're on the other side of the pond.

va·ca·tion noun an extended period of leisure and recreation, especially one spent away from home

hol·i·day noun a day of festivity or recreation when no work is done

So whether or not you are catching rays on the shores of Hawaii or laying on a blanket lake side at the local watering hot spot - SET WORK ASIDE, maybe shut of your phone, and just REALX into the moment.

Here are some reason why taking that much needed break is beneficial.

Improves Productivity And Relieves Stress This is the essential benefit of a vacation that one could have. People who tend to have breaks likely to be more refreshed and ready to put in extra efforts when work demands. Being more productive and efficient at work, they become the happiest employees of the company. This becomes possible due to the elimination of stress and the mindfulness that is evidently a bounty of a vacation.

Helps Bond With Loved Ones Because of the countless working hours, it becomes impossible to bring out time for your family. And the continuation of the process drifts space over time and weakens your family ties. Vacations are there to recall your family bonds and put yourself closer to the family. You should turn off your email notifications, shut down your office laptop and spend a wonderful time with your family together to make unforgettable memories.

Improves Focus And Overall Concentration Most probably when you take time off from work you begin to feel more recharged and relaxed. It makes you receptive towards the work demands and helps improve your focus. A refreshed and relaxed mind makes better decisions and remains ready to handle stressful situations.

Minimizes The Risks Of Ailments A plethora of ailments are the main contributors to lessening your productive output. It alters the overall immune system of your body and makes you prone to other diseases. People who are more open to stress are the main hosts of diseases that make them down to many physical and mental chronic infections. Vacations in these cases, help you in improving your mental health by reducing the stress as well as physical by decreasing your activities.

Improves Sleep On vacation, a person likely to have enough uninterrupted sleep, less stress, a great ambience, more leisure time and the company of loved ones. To fathom a quality sleep, they all are the best combination one could ever have.

Vacations and breaks can bring out the positive vibes and reboot our inner health that make us super fresh plus, prepare us to combat future abnormalities. So do yourself a favor - be it 10 minutes of vacation mode doing a meditation outside at a local park to planning and saving for a few days of bliss - take the time.

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