My 5 Most Used On-The-Daily Products from Amazon

If you are like me - and 112 million U.S. users other people - you use Amazon. I thought I would share with you my 5 must haves I use on the daily!

PLUS - if you are an Amazon Prime member it will be a fast and free delivery! I can talk about how much I love Amazon Prime for awhile - but I won't. This blog post is about 5 of my favorite go-to products you can order with Amazon. So what are they?!?

Let's start things off with a little pampering.

5: A Jade Roller

Have you ever tried a Jade Roller? I swear but this little device!

Jade Rolling has actually been around for centuries. Facial Rolling with a Jade Stone Roller is the most traditional way to practice facial massage. Facial massage helps promote healthy skin while relaxing your facial muscles. It has a relaxing and rejuvenating effect, helping you look and feel better. I like to use my jade roller as part of my morning routine. I keep mine in the freezer so its an added bonus of a refreshing ice cold feeling while also helping with morning day puffiness.

I suffer from migraines too and the roller helps so much. Whenever I get one of those bad boys I reach for my jade roller and massage around my tension zones. I love it so much even bought my grandmother one for her birthday as she suffers from bad migraines as well.

You don't have to break the bank either! I highly recommend this Jade Roller that is under $10 from Amazon

Check out this The Jade Roller:

4: Aura Cacia Peppermint and Sweet Orange Mist

Uplifting. Motivating. Invigorating. Aromatic. This spray has it all.

Containing nothing more than purified water and delightfully effective organic essential oils, this body, mat and room mist will motivate your body and encourage deep breathing to enhance your yoga practice.

I originally got this spray to use in my morning yoga classes to spray at the end during Shavasana. It always left me, and my students, feeling exactly how I needed to feel. So, I purchased it for my home as well.

I started to use it on the daily more and more. Now, its my go-to not only for the morning but at night too! I spray the sheet right before getting in. It makes snuggling up so cozy and clears away the day. I love it so much I will even spray it on the random when doing yoga and/or meditation.

It light and airy, lasts long but not overpowering, it is the perfect blend!

Check out this Aura Cacia Peppermint and Sweet Orange Mist

3: Zabba Electric Milk Frother

Barista perfect foam in seconds, from the comfort of your own home. Simple to use and battery powered. This little gadget works perfectly!

This Milk Frother will give you the perfect foam in seconds; with two speed settings it packs double the power of other battery powered ones.

I first started using a frother when visiting my father-in-law's. His normal morning routine was to use it for adding powered milk to his coffee. He swore by it so I had to try it and WOW was I impressed. It did not taste like I just added in powered milk (the kind you find next to the coffee pot when your getting your car's oil change)! So I ordered one off Amazon. It worked well but it wasn't as powerful and did not froth as much.

I love a good cup of coffee with very little milk but I LOVE froth! So I went on a search to find a powerful frother.

Now, when I have my coffee I use this one from Zabba. Plus my husband loves it because I save on spending money on fancy coffee from shops.

Check out this Milk Frother from Zappa

2: The Universe Has Your Back Card Deck

The Universe Has Your Back by Gabby Bernstein was such a profound, and life changing book for me. After reading it I felt my world was altered. So it is no surprise that I gravitated to pulling these cards on the daily.

These cards are intended to accompany you and lift you up. I choose one whenever I am seeking clarity of heart or a loving direction. Pulling a card helps me to return to my own intuition. The art work is beautiful and free; the watercolor images really sets the tone.

For me, the affirmations on these cards brings a sense of joy. Sure, some would say they are fortune cookie style of writing, but that is all you need to remind you that the Universe has your back!

Check out The Universe Has Your Back Card Deck:

1: Resistance Bands

Almost 4 years ago my husband and I were in a car accident. It left me with injuries and in pain. I was in Physical Therapy up until our move to another state - which was right before Covid-19. I look forward to getting back to PT but for now I do my exercises at home.

Working at a computer or even sitting for longer than an hour will have me feeling uncomfortable. I have go to exercises I learned in and during Physical Therapy. These resistance bands are just like the ones I used with my therapist.

The bands come in a wide variety or resistances and I can use surfaces around my house like doorframes to add to my exercises.

I am not a doctor or physical therapist but these work for me. The bands are also travel friendly which is a bonus. It is like having a gym right there with me whenever I need.

Check out these Resistance Bands


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