Staying Socially Distant in Style

Updated: Dec 17, 2020

"After months of calibrating to a new normal, masks have become an essential addition to any outfit before leaving the house or venturing inside a store. Wearing masks is a safety precaution that has now become second nature, an addition to the “phone, wallet, keys” checklist you do before leaving the house. But, as phones, wallets, and keys know well, there are days when life moves too fast and trusty masks can get left behind." - RACHEL BESSER, Vogue Magazine

Face mask chains - a close cousin to the sunglass chain, that clips to each ear loop of your mask in an effort to eliminate the chances of misplacing it - are now must have mask accessory that are highly effective.

Face Mask Chains, which have been spotted being worn by the likes of Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, are popping up everywhere in stores like Walmart all the way to high-end Jewelry Designers.

Shoving your mask into your pocket or purse, laying it down on a table, or tossing it on the dash of your car is not really the most efficient way, let alone the cleanest way to store your mask temporarily. Yes, masks should be kept on at all times in public places for the time being, the reality is you will eventually take it off. Mask chains work wonderfully for those moments when you inevitably need to remove your mask - like eating or drinking - while keeping the mask easily accessible as well as not contaminating other surfaces or collecting bacteria from other surfaces. Mask chains are not scientifically proven as a safe alternative but they certainly make life a little easier in times like these AND look really fashionable.

After looking around and seeing different style of mask chains I knew I could create something of my own design using quality beads, metals, and accents. So I did!

The first design I created specially for my sister-in-law who was getting married. I wanted her to have something stylish and effective to wear on her big (but socially distant) day. (something elegant and would make a bride feel better about wearing a mask)

I thought "Why stop there?!" - I am sure there are people just like her and I that would love these looks as well!

These high quality and luxurious design that are one-of-a-kind are up on my pop-up site The best part is after all this is finally over you can still use the chain as a necklace, wrap-around bracelets, or eyeglass/sunglass chain!

Face masks are a necessary look, but face mask chains are a next-level vibe. My mask chains are made with love and won't break your bank!


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