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Water Your Grass - Before it Gets Burnt!

You may have heard the saying “The grass is always greener on the other side” - which is an old proverb meaning other people's lives or situations always seem better than your own. If you focus on the saying you will notice that it says the grass is greener on the other side – making you believe that you are allowing your neighbor to have a greener yard than yours, because you are neglecting what you already exist with.

...Or maybe you are worsening your conditions by allowing it to get burnt because you are not even watering it.

"Comparison is actually the thief of happiness."

With spring in full bloom it reminded me of this saying.

To get over the mentality and really live your life with greener grass, you have to do whatever it takes. You may have to challenge yourself multiple times throughout your life to get up and mark your presence, because with 7+ billion people in the world you cannot compete with every person.

Sometimes it’s easier to get away with the thought process that others have support or they have been backed by something to make it temporarily easy for yourself to push back things and move on with the same thought. ...But what happens in the end? You will remain there – having your own brown grass. Why brown? Because you have been leaving it under the sunlight not watering it all.

Get up! Take out your tools, gather some knowledge, break a sweat and harvest your own success!

Find out what you need that would work for your grass best, to grow greener... to bloom all over again. Those who have greener pastures are the ones that are not sitting looking out their windows staring at your garden – they are putting in efforts in their own garden, figuring out what can be done to keep it greener with every passing day.

The Lesson!

By spending a lot of time in anxiety and worrying about how come everyone’s garden (career, life, relationship, etc.)is looking great, you are surely wasting your energy, time and feelings over people who are not even bothering to think about your garden.

Eventually, you lose confidence in your work, create a greater room for upsetting and petrified emotions with envious thoughts that involve you in deeper levels of anxiety from which becomes impossible for you to get over easily.

You have to challenge yourself, push yourself to water your grass. Bring new plants (new ideas and patterns) that will help you in making your grass greener.

You have potential! You have the spark! You have all that is needed!

Put the comparison aside and ask yourself – what is keeping you away from watering your grass? Why you haven’t watered them since then? Whom you were staring at all these years and what did you get from stalking?

If you catch yourself with all the answers in the negative, then grab your shawl and without wasting another minute – WORK ON! Forgive all negative thoughts and thought patterns.

Get to work on your own garden and GROW!

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