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Workload Got You Down?! Create More Time with These Life Hacks!

Have you ever noticed how some people are so uber-productive and so vigorous over performing tasks? You know those people who always finish their projects on time and respond to emails regularly, but do not work 80 hours a week, travel often, and seem to even have perfect hair every time you see them!

But how are they doing it?!?! It is easier than you think - Read On! ...and check out the following hacks to come out with more time from your daily routine.

Create To-Do-List!

Do you have a bunch of tasks to be completed by the evening? Then a to-do-list is an amazing idea to select and prioritize your work at the very beginning of your day. Write them on a sticky note or put them in your phone as reminders; feel the satisfaction by striking through the completed ones. You can also get a note pad or planner just for your to do list! I highly recommend this; having a specific area to write down your tasks will not only helps your mindset to getting on. board but to feel fancy while doing it.

Don’t multitask. Period.

Gone are the days when multitasking was assumed to be effective. It is just wasteful. Pure and simple. If you do a lot of things together you cannot provide your best at any task. It may sound awkward and unproductive but believe me, you achieve more while handling a single task at a time. Maybe set times on your phone or smart watch, allowing a set amount of time for a specific task. Reward yourself when you finish - even if a small reward like a good stretch.

Get on the easiest tasks first.

Tackling things that take less time should be prioritized first. Harder tasks (for instance, making proposals for clients) may take more time than making your bed just after you wake up in the morning.

When you are completing your smaller ones, your brain will generate ‘I’ve done that’ signals motivating you to quickly move to the other ones. Trust me - It helps!!

Do not procrastinate!

Procrastination may seem like an effective tool; some people may even think they work well under pressure.

This one is a hard one for me especially. My procrastination and anxiety go and and hand. I feel anxious if I arrive too early and I am anxious if I arrive to late. There is a part of me that feels like I work better under pressure... but have you ever not procrastinated and felt so much better about a project! I know I have. Start early, finish early and have time for YOU!

Find your groove.

Your energy may reach to a minimal after performing a bundle of tasks. In the case of trying to find your lost energy, it may lie under your favorite music, a cup of tea, or talking to someone for a little break. Dance it out, relax with some herbal camomile, or catch up with a bestie.

P.S. Remember not to spend an hour on call or loose sight of your tasks.

Keep your eyes on the prize.

It may seem impossible to complete larger projects in a specific time frame. No matter where you do your work; be it at home or at your office, people may invade your space.

Learn to say ‘NO’ in a situation where you cannot push away the deadlines and a DO NOT DISTURB sign keeps you on the clock. Also, turn off the email notifications and other distracting pings that are not important for the moment. Now I know that it might not always be case that you are able to say 'NO' or stay aways from other distractions - especially if you are a parent. Just remember to come back to your tasks right after your other responsibilities are attended to. Clear you head, take a deep breath, and keep going. You've got this!

Could that meeting have been an email?!?

If you believe that your coworkers or clients can achieve the milestones, or they can handle cases on their own, then do not interrupt them over and over – timely interactions to know the progress can be discussed at the end of the day or in between if needed.

Try to maximize your time by having group meetings instead of having ones individually. Ask the question "Could this be an email?" and if the answer is "YES" then make it so. If you feel a zoom or in person meeting is not necessary then speak up. Don't be afraid to share your opinion.

Lastly, and most importantly ...

Get Creative

Find out what works for YOU!

Music on or off?

Break every hour - or two? Or maybe every 20 minutes to a half hour.

Stretches or calls with a best between meetings?

It takes time to figure out what works best for you. Getting to be your most productive self will take organization but a little dash creativity (or a scoop full) doesn't hurt either and makes it more fun.

My go-to's for taking a break in style:

Dancing. A little shimmy to let out the stress.

Meditation. A quick Calm to breathe and reset.

Water. A little break to get some water, stretch it out, and refresh. and of course...

Puppy cuddles. A quick session of pets with my fur baby. Unconditional love vibes save any RUFF day. (pun intended)


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