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You Are The Media!

We are in control with much of the content that is put out into the world. In that sense, we have the power to shift the conversation to a more positive place. ...but how can we help combat the anxiety, anger, or the need to reply or comment with our disagreements? How can we not feed into the negativity?

Although we still rely on journalists, TV personalities, etc... to be messengers for the news, as bloggers, tweeters, Facebook junkies and loyal Instagrammers, we are equally as powerful.

We are the media!

Maybe you’ve never really thought of yourself in that way but if you have a Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, even TikTik - you are the media. You are posting messages in real time about what’s going on in the world, what’s going on in your life, and what’s going on in your heart and mind.

At your fingertips is a tool more powerful than you may have recognized.

"With great power comes great responsibility"

We must take ownership of what it means to be a messenger.

If you’ve landed on my blog then in some way you are engaging in a conversation of personal growth and spiritual development. We collectively have an opportunity to put forth positive, empowering content.

We have the power to shift the energy of the world with the positive posts that we share! Do you research before sharing anything. Often we tend to hit that share button so quick when something pops up we disagree with. We want to feel that connection - good or bad, happy or angry - we want to share, to connect.

You can do anything including creating a positive impact on the world. If you feel called to use your media power to make a positive impact THEN DO IT! Be a witness to what you share or comment. If something immediately triggers you take a pause, a deep breath, and ask yourself why. Reflect on what you feel called to say, then reflect why. It may help to write things down in a journal.

Try 30 days of positive posting on the internet. Begin today! Share what inspires you most and your good vibes will spread worldwide.

You are the media.

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